Continuity – keep your audience in your club

Rock Club Wet Willies
As a live musician (and DJ) I cannot remember how much clubs and venues I did see come and go. So what’s are the secrets to keep a club up and running in SecondLife? After over 4 years I think I found at least one good reason – continuity.

Let’s talk about clubs in this blog entries (I will write about live venues soon). Tonight I was again the rock club Wet Willies. Most of the times there are between 40 and 50 people on the sim, the most are in the club. According to the DJ the most listen to the stream, everytime about 40 listeners. You can say, it is a successful club. But why?

Wet Willies exist for a very long time in SecondLife. And you can be sure you hear one kind of music: Rock. All kinds of Rock. You can be sure, if you TP there, you can hear Rock music. 90% of the time you have a live DJ there, who also take requests. Rock songs of course.

Rock or Techno? Decide, don’t mix
And I think this is one of the secrets of a succesful club in SecondLife: continuity. Best not change your SIM too often, keep your name and – most important – keep your program. Choose one kind of music! Or at least have special days for special events. For instance Blues music and every Friday live events. Though I think you can mix Rock, Blues, Punk, e.g. more easily. But don’t do mix such things as Techno and Rock or Oldies and Rap. I know somehow it is kind of sad, that you kill the variety with it. But it’s the best to keep your audience. And to be honest, for myself I also like it better. I know, when I want to hear Blues I can go to this and that club, when I want to hear Rock to another, Jazz to another…. so when I arrive there, I am 99% of the time satisfied. Nothing more worse when you want to hear Rock and there is Techno (or vice versa) at the club.

Keep your location, if possible
And if it is possible somehow, don’t change the location of your club. Sometimes it has to be, but try to avoid it. And if you have to move, inform your guests and your group in time! An official goodbye-party is always a good idea. And of course also a “houswarming” event.

Your name is your brand
And – well – never change your name. Be glad you are known by your name. People hate change and they are puzzled to find the same club with a new name. Just don’t do it. And if you are very good, create a special logo, use special colours. All the time. Think about a special font on all of your signs, Ads, etc. A name it worthy, it is your brand. Burn your name into the brains of your audience. Even if people lose the LM, they maybe remember the name and will find you again.

Do it for fun, be passionate
Don’t think you cover your entire costs with tips. This won’t happen. If you only do it for money, just don’t open a club, it won’t work. Be passionate, be reliable, have fun – and don’t mind much work.

What else?
What else? This would be (and maybe will be) an extra blog post. To name a few things: good and reliable DJs with a nice voice; reliable, fun and chatty (NOT ONLY GESTURES!!!) hosts; good decoration. Don’t bother the people with unwanted LMs, greeters, speaking sploders….

And I could say so much more… maybe next time. So I close this entry with a SL snapshot of my lovely DJ Gilliam Oh at his set at Wet Willies:
DJ Gilliam Oh in action


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